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Environmetal policy


LAURA PATERSON wants to contribute to the sustainable development of society and that of the environment with which it interacts. Our commitment to the environment is included within the responsibility policy of our organisation.

The following are some of the objectives and actions developed within LAURA Paterson’s environmental commitment:


  • We save energy using the latest technological advances.
  • Our warehouse is eco-friendly
  • We reduce waste produced and recycle.
  • At LAURA PATERSON we consider it our duty to make society aware of a sustainable way of life. We have an environmentally aware team and believe that public awareness arises through training and education, which we transmit, to our staff and clients.

We save energy.

We have reduced energy consumption in our installations. In order to achieve this we have introduced sustainability and efficiency criteria. Electricity, lighting, heating, cooling the use of renewable fuels...all in order to save and optimise energy and natural resources.

We produce less waste and recycle. At LAURA PATERSON we recycle everything recyclable (plastics, paper, cardboard, glass, ink cartridges, etc…) Also, all the cardboard, paper, bags and plastic used in the packaging are recyclable.

Our commitment is extended throughout all our staff, producing an environmentally aware team.



Our bags are PVC-free.



All our products are sent via TNT.

 TNT Express in Spain is certified with quality standard ISO14001: 2004 since 2006.

 On corporate level TNT signed, in 2007, an alliance with the United Nations Environment programme (UNEP) helping to fight pollution and global warming. They have named this programme Planet Meº and our commitment meº. It is an initiative thought up by the company and its workforce focused on radically reducing CO2 emissions on a global scale.

Planet me is comprised of three areas:

  • Count Carbon: Monitoring and measuring TNT´s performance.
  • Code orange: Reducing CO2 emissions on a corporate level.
  • Choose orange: Engaging our employees to adopt sustainable behaviour at home.

Code Orange:

  • Aviation: our airplanes produce 38% of CO2 emissions produced by TNT.
  • Buildings:  The objective is to achieve that CO2 emission in future buildings are reduced for example by installing new technologies like solar panels and automatic lighting.
  • Business Trips: Business trips will only cover critical meetings; the rest will be replaced by videoconference.
  • Company cars: We will reduce emissions caused by our fleet by up to 6% for 2011 putting into practice TNT´s commitment. Our policy encourages the driving cars less contaminating.
  • Field vehicles: Our lorries and vans generate 55% of our CO2 emissions. From now on we will only purchase those vehicles that follow strict environmental guidelines. We will design a new fleet cleaning strategy and will sign new agreements with companies in the automobile industry, fuel suppliers and universities.
  • Suppliers and subcontractors: We will extend our environmental commitment to suppliers and subcontractors, defining new selection criteria.



All products of animal origin sold in our shops, including fur and leather originate exclusively from animals raised in food farms and under no circumstance sacrificed only for their hide.

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